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Gentle ladies, lords and other curious people

Come closer, come closer

I can see in your eyes that you need something coming out of the ordinary.

Are you looking for entertainment like you won’t see anywhere else?

Enter Enter,

Strange creatures, ferocious beasts,

twirling lights,

flames tamed by obscure witchcraft.

You will find all of this and much more,

By entering the universe of the Vaporium Company

The company

Created in 2017, Cie Vaporium is composed of three professional artists specialized in fantastic animations.

Our mission is to bring the world of imagination and dreams to life through impressive performances. Through shows, juggling and stilt-walking, we build these incredible universes around our audience.

As street artists, costume designers, decorators and also props designers, we put all of our knowledge and passion to aim at achieving one single goal: to suspend reality for a moment and transport our audience to the other side of the mirror as the show goes on.

We perform for any type of event, with a preference for medieval, fantasy, carnivals and music festivals.

Our assets

Originality :

All of our animations are made from A to Z in our workshops . This allows us to offer you a unique show.
We also develop our exclusive props and scenic effects by ourselves, which is the result of many years of research and development.

Skills :

Our team is composed of artists with many years of experience. Thus, all of our expertise is committed to guarantee a stunning result, with home-made costumes, sets and accessories.

Interaction :

Our walking performances are more than just a beautiful parade with nice costumes. Indeed, the audience are the actors of our shows, as they are first and foremost based on interaction and street theater.

Professionalism :

Apart from a mastery of several juggling instruments, we also have real expertise in safety, and particularly in fire safety.
Moreover, we care deeply about respecting regulations regarding the hiring of our artists. Of course, we provide all of the legal documents required if you’d like to hire us for a show.